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Railway and Road Truck Scales

EMG-Steel is the official distributor of railwayand road truck scales.

Types of Railway Scales:

Static Wagon Scales TWS (Tensometric/Strain-Gauge Wagon Scales) — S (S3)

These scales do not require manufacturing expensive concrete foundation and tamping of crushed stone ballast when using them. Wagon scales without foundation are two load-weighing assembly units for each trolley of a wagon with a rail track between them. The load weighing assembly unitof the railway scales consists of a platform, a foundation frame, strain gauge sensors, a signal processing unit of strain gauges, anti-theft struts to restrict the mobility of the platform. The foundation frame is installed onto the railway ties with a decrease of 300mm in relation to the overall level of the ties. The absence of the foundation and the modular design of the wagon scales allow you to install them in 2-3 days’ period.


Static-Dynamic Wagon ScalesTWS (Tensometric/Strain-Gauge Wagon Scales) — SD

Ideal for weighing a large number of wagons. The scales weigh statically with commercial accuracy and in motion at the speed of up to 12km/h with an accuracy of 0.5%. When weighing in dynamics without stopping the wagon on the scales, the time for carrying out shunting operations is significantly reduced. When weighing in dynamics, the wagon scales automatically calculate the weight of the railway engine, the weight of the whole train, the weight of each wagon, the weight of the trolleys and the displacement of the gravity centre. Due to the processing and mathematical analysis of the signals of strain gauges, no preparation and alignment of the railway is required. The average inaccuracyof measure when weighing the wagons with the weight of 80 tons in the dynamics does not exceed 250kg. If necessary, each wagon is weighed statically.


Dynamic Wagon Scales TWS (Tensometric/Strain-Gauge Wagon Scales) — D

The first model of the dynamic railway scales with a weighing speed of up to 15km/h. This model of scales is intended for the main railways. The wagon scales are two load weighing assembly units with pre-installed sensors, a unit for processing signals from the sensors and a weight processor. The load weighing assembly units of the wagon scales are installed ontothe standard railway ties. The rail is continuous, so the transit speed of the wagon scales is not limited. Whentrain passesduring the operation of the dynamic wagon scales, the wagons are counted, weighed, the shift of the gravitycentre, the load onto each axle are weighed and the weight of the whole train is identified. The weight processor stores the protocols with the results of the wagon weighing in its memory.

Types of Road Truck Scales:

Tensometric/Strain-GaugeTruckScalesfor Static Weighing ТTS (30.1; 40.2; 60.3; 80.3; 80.4)

Advantages and Features of the Scales:

  • The scales do not require a reinforced concrete foundation.
  • The installation of the scales does not require a specially prepared ground, they can be installed onto the existing road surface. Absense of necessity to weld during the assembly allows you to install scales with the help of a hoisting crane in 2-3 hours.
  • In case of necessity to transfer the scales to another placethe capital expenditures are NOT required.
  • Self-orienting bearing supports of the weigh measuringsensors ensure the stability of the readings of the scales with a possible settlement of the scales and a high measuring accuracy (measuringaccuracy — 0.02-0.03%).
  • Thesensors pass the input inspection.
  • The scale adjustment is performed in kilograms (e = 1kg).
  • The scales provide the possibility of computer accounting of the weighing results as well as the display of information onto a computer display and/or a printer.
  • The software modules supplied with the scales are synchronized with the customer’s software.
  • Self-diagnostics of the scales electronics, with the display of information about the errors onto the computer display.
  • Available in explosion-proof modification.
  • Available modification with a remote display, wheel curbs, shields for the central part of the scales.