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This is a combination of bothan oven and a grill. It can be of a great help for the restaurant business activities. It is able to cook up to two hundred helpings. Grill-oven is indispensible for cafes, restaurants, hotels and boarding houses. Thanks to its special design meat, fish and vegetables are especially delicious and juicyenticing visitors from far away.

Closed grill ovens and barbeques are compact and attractive; they can be produced in any colourwhich makes them the centre of attention both in the kitchen among cooks and in the hall among visitors. The refined design of the ovens and another equipment allows you to install them in the kitchens open to the public.

Grill-oven (grill-barbeque) is bought for use in various segments of the restaurant business: from food trucks, bars, cafes and chain cafes to shopping centres and hypermarkets, steak houses and the most popular gourmet restaurants. The ovens can attract even more customers who value the natural taste of meat and fish dishes and vegetables cooked on an open fire in the traditional way.

Why Shall We Choose a Grill-Oven?

• Versatility. It is possible to cook any dishes.
• Excellent quality of cooked food. All useful vitamins and minerals in products are preserved. Thedishesstayjuicyandtasty.
• Cooking speed. It is by 35% higher than that of conventional ovens. For example, to cook chicken, it will take you from three to five minutes, and as for a beef steak, it will take you from five to ten minutes. Everything will depend on the level of roasting.
• Cost effectiveness. The charcoal consumption is by 35% less than on an open barbeque.
• Simplicityofoperation. Nothingburnsordries.
• High security. There is no open contact with fire during the operation which prevents burns and fires.
• Cleanness. Ash and other combustion waste get into a special sealed storage bin.